Our Optronics Portfolio

Our optronics portfolio covers optronic, optic and precision-engineered products for military, civil and security applications. HENSOLDT’s optronics solutions are deployed on various platforms, including submarines, armoured vehicles, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites. These products are used globally by armed forces and security personnel for monitoring, identification and classification purposes, as well as for highly precise measurement, evaluation and targeting. Our key competences in optronics lie in day vision, thermal imaging, residual light amplification, laser range finding and stabilisation for use in all light and weather conditions. Robustness, modularity and customisation are key features of our portfolio.

The roots of our optronics portfolio lie in the long-established German companies Carl Zeiss and Hensoldt. Our military optical and optronic riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars derive from the original Hensoldt AG. Since 1896, the HENSOLDT name stands for combat-proven, reliable and accurate targeting and observation optics for various applications.

The optronics portfolio furthermore encompasses stabilised periscopes for gunners and commanders of main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms and driver’s sight devices for use both day and night. Our portfolio of maritime optronics solutions includes periscopes and optronic mast systems for submarines as well as stabilised surveillance solutions for vessels. Among our airborne observation systems are gimbals deployed on military and law enforcement helicopters as well as on unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, we offer reconnaissance and missile-warning sensors for aircraft. We also offer long-range to extreme long-range surveillance solutions, both mobile and stationary, for security forces. Our high-performance portfolio furthermore includes precision measurement capabilities for the semiconductor key component production industry.

Among the most prominent air platforms equipped with Hensoldt’s optronics products are the Gripen and Rafale combat aircraft as well as helicopters of various types. We equip the class 212 and 209 submarines with periscopes and optronic mast systems. We furthermore provide mission-critical equipment to the LEOPARD main battle tank and the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle. Our HENSOLDT sights and night vision optics have also been chosen for the German Future Soldier Programme “Infanterist der Zukunft – Erweitertes System”.