Our Radar,
IFF & Datalink Portfolio

HENSOLDT’s Radar, /IFF &/ Datalink portfolio covers mission-critical premium products in the area of military and security radar, air traffic control/identification-friend-or-foe (IFF) and datalinks for air, sea, and land platforms to various platform manufacturers worldwide.

Our radar portfolio is focussing on applications in the fields of surveillance and reconnaissance, air traffic control, air defence and weapon guidance. We have delivered naval radars to various leading navies in the world as well as powerful land-based air defence radars. We have developed a family of security radars, with each product optimized for certain tasks in protecting critical infrastructures. Our passive radar enables the establishment of a highly comprehensive Common Air Picture without emissions of its own.

HENSOLDT is a principal partner in the development of major radar programmes and provide integrated logistics support, maintenance and upgrades. As an innovative technology leader, we drive the development and application of high-end active electronically scanning (AESA) radars for air, naval and ground applications.

In the area of air traffic control and IFF, we provide the most powerful air traffic control radar ASR NG (= Airport Surveillance Radar, Next generation) as well as the successful secondary radar MSSR and a range of transponders including highly sensitive encryption devices.

With data transmission being at the core of ISR solutions, our portfolio also includes a range of radio data link solutions. Branded “Lygarion”, the latest member of this product family enables secure exchange of real time data between moving airborne as well as maritime platforms and deployable control stations. Main purposes cover Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance as well as secure command and control of platforms and weapons in order to support terrestrial and maritime operations.

Within the new HENSOLDT sensor house, multi-sensor integration and data fusion technology is particularly useful creating added value by combining radars with optronic and other sensors.

Among the most prominent platforms equipped by our products are Eurofighter Typhoon, the “Freedom” class Littoral Combat Ships of the US Navy and the F125 frigates of the German Navy as well as the Tandem-X satellites. Furthermore, we equip air bases of the German, Swiss, Canadian and Australian armed forces with airport surveillance radars. In addition, our secondary radars are deployed by the naval forces of Germany, France, Norway and Finland for military IFF. For civil and military air traffic control, our identification systems are used, for example, in countries such as USA, UK, Bulgaria and the Philippines.