Our Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions Portfolio

HENSOLDT’s Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions (SDAS) Business Line provides clients across the world with the capability to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil operating environments.

Not only on land, at sea or in the air but also across the entire electromagnetic spectrum and in cyberspace, our comprehensive range of solutions is empowering our clients to protect civilians, defence forces and national infrastructure.

In the area of Spectrum Dominance, our sophisticated solutions are modular, scalable and tailored to customer requirements, forming a comprehensive portfolio for Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence, which is evolving towards also supporting Cyber Operations. Our offering ranges from standalone products to nationwide strategic systems.

Our Airborne Solutions range from Avionics components and systems to complex Integrated Airborne Mission Systems, as well as Unmanned Solutions.

We are inspired by technology and strive to provide our clients with solutions to counter evolving threats like hybrid and cyber warfare, the increased use of drones, robots and artificial intelligence.

Our success is built on the work of our highly skilled employees, who are fascinated by high-end technology and driven by the desire to meet evolving market needs. Our employees translate innovation into smart solutions that support defence and security organisations in their mission to detect and protect.

Why to work for Spectrum Dominance

The electromagnetic spectrum is an essential part of modern life, both military and civilian. Our security and military forces use wireless computer networks to coordinate operations and order supplies, use radars and sensors to locate each other and the enemy, and use electronic jammers to blind enemy radars or disrupt their communications. With wireless routers or satellites being part of almost every computer network, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic spectrum now form one continuous environment.

The electromagnetic spectrum and the cyberspace are no longer just a means to communicate or sense the environment; they have become a warfare maneuver space. And mastering this new warfare domain has become an indispensable capability for our defence and security forces.

Cutting edge technology is paramount to master the electromagnetic spectrum and the cyberspace. Cognitive Electronic Warfare Systems and Signal and Cyber Intelligence Systems require the use of machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence. The sharpest and brightest brains are required to develop innovative solutions to counter continuously evolving and hybrid threats.

At HENSOLDT, our mission is to help our security and defence forces to detect any threats and to protect themselves and our societies, by developing innovative solutions. If you want to be part of a dedicated team working at the cutting edge of technology, mastering the electromagnetic spectrum and the cyberspace, with the mission to detect and protect, join our Spectrum Dominance team!