HENSOLDT is built from various former Airbus activities in the areas of defence and security electronics. Those activities are all linked to sensor technologies, mutually augmenting their respective strengths and reaping synergies from operation under one roof, as a platform independent company. The company’s know-how is based on the pioneering spirit of renowned predecessor companies such as Telefunken, Zeiss, Dornier, Aerospatiale-Matra and Siemens, driving technology to better detect threats to our societies and to help protect our fellow citizens. In addition, HENSOLDT acquired the German company EuroAvionics as well as British radar specialist Kelvin Hughes in 2017.

The HENSOLDT brand, which has been in use for many years for our telescopic sights and targeting optics portfolio, derives from Moritz Carl HENSOLDT (1821-1903), a German pioneer of optics and precision mechanics, who developed benchmark technology solutions and products in his domain. Among other activities, he developed binoculars and telescopic sights revolutionizing surveillance and reconnaissance as well as target acquisition in his time. It is his relentless pursuit of innovation, his incomparable way of translating scientific findings into useful products that unites perfectly with the achievements of other heroes of technology who together form the heritage of our company.

That spirit of technological progress, of continuous quest for premium solutions reined in by a solid, practical sense of efficiency, makes the name “HENSOLDT” a perfect choice to represent our company.

This context of innovation, ranging from naval radars through submarine periscopes, hyper-sensitive communications intelligence sensors and pilot assistance systems, establishes a broad technology basis from which to fulfill ever-changing customer needs. This basis has been laid by men like Moritz Carl HENSOLDT and is still flourishing through the thousands of engineers and technicians working together in our factories. From this basis of creativity and progress spring up different branches of sensor technology like radar, optics, infrared and many more, which we have combined under one roof, together with enabling technologies in the universe of electronics, to the benefit of our customers worldwide.

In our company, ground-breaking developments in all areas of the electromagnetic spectrum, in data processing and data fusion, bring surveillance and reconnaissance to new heights giving security and defence forces the situational awareness they need for decisions about life or death.