HENSOLDT – Detect and Protect

At the heart of our company culture are the values we share, giving the success of our company a common, solid basis. These values – laid out already in our predecessor companies and developed further - are fundamental to all our doing and have a profound impact on all other areas of our business, like a house that cannot rest safely without reliable foundations.  

In this sense, the basis of everything is the value of Collaboration going together with team spirit and respect, openness, transparency and trust, i.e. overcoming organisational lines and taking on challenges as one team. Based on this foundation HENSOLDT rests on three pillars: excellence, ownership and innovation.

As a premium electronics and sensor company, excellence is literally the essence of our success, but only if it is paired with efficiency, agility and simplicity. Excellence is no value in itself but only insofar as it serves customer value. Ownership means we keep our word safe, we take responsibility for our doing and we are reliable towards our employees and our customers. The third pillar, innovation, is to be understood as a permanent process, not so much a status, requiring curiosity, creativity and passion as well as courage to think out of the box and even to risk failure.  

Those are the pillars bearing the roof of the entire building: Entrepreneurship. This one word summarizes what we all are committed to: To act on behalf and for the good of the whole company, take decisions, continuously aspire for excellence and innovation and accept being held responsible – in the best interest of our customers!