„The possibility to take on new challenges and the great working atmosphere within HENSOLDT impress me.“
Electronic technician for devices and systems

After having successfully passed my apprenticeship, I started working in the cable segment and the production of circuit boards.

In my current work, I am in charge of installing the ASR – radar stations for the armed forces in Germany, Canada and Switzerland and the ASR – NG radar for the armed forces in Australia and the United Kingdom. What I like most here is that it never gets boring. My job is diversified and the business trips enable me to discover many new locations and people.

The ASR-S radar stations that are manufactured in my department are also maintained there. Furthermore we produce a full system out of the single assemblies from other departments.


I especially like the great working environment and the flexible working hours at HENSOLDT. The company always gives me the opportunity to take on new challenges and therefore my work remains interesting.

HENSOLDT in 3 words

Strong, Fair, Independent