„We are the interface between the customer and operations, manage stakeholders, satisfy customer requirement and secure the project margin.“
Head of Airborne & Space Radars

Prior to my current role, I acted as Head of PRAETORIAN (Defensive Aid Subsystem for Eurofighter) and held special assignments in the Support business, among others as a Project Manager for the development and management of a full service support solution for the Eurofighter Radar and Electronic Warfare equipment. Since October 2015 I am responsible for the development and production of Airborne & Space Radar products as well as the management of all common HENSOLDT Eurofighter activities including the sales and customer relations activities. I really like to be in close contact with the customer and Eurofighter procurement organisations.


What made me decide to work for HENSOLDT was a combination of products, work environment and offered empowerment.  I really like the changed entrepreneurship and the engagement of top management on trade fairs.  

HENSOLDT in 3 words  

Diversified – Technology – Medium-sized Company