„It is incredible how HENSOLDT goes back to the 19th century to Moritz Carl Hensoldt, who was a pioneer himself. That is exactly what the company represents now, as we are also always looking for new ways to develop and offer the best solutions to our customers.“
Communications Manager

I previously completed my journalistic training at the German sites in Oberkochen, Unterschleißheim and Ulm, as well as in the United States. I am now responsible for external and employee communications at HENSOLDT. That includes our public relations, my work as editor-in-chief of our employee magazine as well as communications on the intranet. What I love about my job is interacting with people and always learning about new ways HENSOLDT pushes the boundaries of technology.


I chose to work here because of the fascinating products that are always verging on the limits of what is technically possible. The way that our employees work hard to find solutions for any number of issues inspires me.    

HENSOLDT in 3 words

For me, the benefits of working at HENSOLDT are the flexibility of the company, short decision-making processes and a friendly, solution-oriented company culture.