„Being part of the project team gives me the chance to apply theoretical knowledge to practical examples.“
Dual-Student in Electrical Engineering

During my studies I have received an extensive theoretical knowledge in the area of communications engineering on the one hand and gained a lot of practical basics within the company’s project work on the other hand. This is where I can connect theory and practice, which is very helpful in my daily work. During my application process HENSOLDT convinced me through its high technical variety of their products. In particular I am very interested in RF- and communication systems because I already had some practical experience in this field during earlier school time.


Each of HENSOLDT’s dual-students enjoys an extensive education program that teaches an ideal mix of technical contents as well as social qualifications. HENSOLDT offers a very pleasant working atmosphere which is manifested especially in the interaction between employees. Considering all the different aspects I feel very comfortable in the company since I started my studies three years ago.

HENSOLDT in 3 words

Innovation, Independence, Flexibility