„The most exciting aspect of an expert career is the possibility to shape our future products, encourage and promote the realisation of innovation and the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams.“
Senior Expert for “Multifunction Receivers and Exciters”

As a Senior Expert, I contribute towards maintaining our competitive advantages and our leading position through the implementation of state-of-the art technology in our products. Beside technical factors, the job particularly encompasses mentoring, training and representation. In the role of an Expert, I can take on these tasks and responsibilities and play a decisive role in the development of our current and future products.


What distinguishes HENSOLDT from other companies is the fact that it covers the entire value added chain from product definition and development through manufacturing and installation. What is particularly important to me is the strong focus on innovation in many different fields of application.  

HENSOLDT enjoys an outstanding reputation as an employer with diverse opportunities for personal and technical development in different areas. To me, HENSOLDT offers the chance to work at the leading edge of technology in the challenging field of sensor hardware development.

HENSOLDT in 3 words

THE German Sensor-House