„I enjoy working with the different levels of hierarchy in the UK Ministry of Defense and Royal Navy, be it a federal office, Navy Command, Technical Experts or the actual users of our products.“
Technical Project Manager

My career started as a software engineer in the secondary radar business, and I later became a Systems Engineer and took over responsibility for smaller projects. Now, I am working as a Technical Project Manager on a project for the UK Ministry of Defense to upgrade the UK’s fleet’s friend identification systems to the latest NATO standard. For this role, I am seconded to Bristol to be able to work very closely together with our customer and partners.

My department is responsible for the design, development, integration and testing of secondary radar and transponder products. To do so, we work very closely with our colleagues from Quality Assurance, Logistics and Configuration Management.


I really appreciate the degree of freedom we have in our daily work and enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world. Over ten years ago, I applied for a dual study programme with this company because I found and still find the products and their applications highly intriguing.

For me, the main benefits of working at HENSOLDT are the good working environment, the support for internal career development, interesting projects and flexible working hours.  

HENSOLDT in 3 words

High-tech, international, changing