Diversity @ HENSOLDT

Diversity and inclusion is an important part of our company culture and a key contribution to the successful future of Hensoldt in our global world. We can only achieve our business objectives and satisfy our customers with diverse and inclusive teams, where all employees are respected and valued for their distinctive characteristics and where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in a high-performance culture.

At Hensoldt, diversity encompasses visible and non-visible factors that describe a person. Gender, age or race but also background, experience, skills, ethnicity, and many more unique characteristics that make us individuals and unique belong to our understanding of diversity.
By creating an inclusive working environment we protect our employees, make them feeling free to express their uniqueness, to give and receive feedback and to challenge the status quo in order to be creative and innovative and to embrace new business approaches. Through an embedded and consistent approach in recruiting, mobility, training and talent development, we strive to improve diversity in our teams. Through various initiatives, we want to trigger a cultural change, raise awareness of the people’s capabilities and eliminate bias regarding any kind of diversity.

We value differences and diversity in thoughts and opinions because differences nurture creativity, a pioneering spirit and high performance.

„Alongside my usual tasks, I lead the Balance for Business network at the Ulm site, creating awareness for a good work–life balance, women in STEM as well as cultural and generational diversity“
Head of Enterprise Solutions

Diversity: Our priorities

HENSOLDT is an international company: widely presented in different countries which are located in five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America), diversity is a natural component of our company culture. Working in multicultural teams is normal at all our locations because a mixture of backgrounds and cultures in a team provide new ideas and new ways of working, and enhance our understanding of our customers from all over the world. We encourage our employees to be internationally mobile with assignments abroad. 
We are proud to have a culture based on values coming from all our locations. For instance, we integrated the ‘ubuntu’ philosophy from our South African colleagues, which promotes humanity toward others. Including ubuntu in our company values had led to great results, strengthening collaboration, respect and empathy.

We believe in gender-balanced teams to be more effective. Our objective is to increase the number of women in management and technical positions. To achieve this, we start early with awareness initiatives about science and technology fields targeting young girls in schools and we address and attract female graduates through our partnerships with universities and dedicated fairs. Internally, we place much emphasis on increasing visibility, identification and development of female talents. We encourage and support self-initiative through e.g. an active women’s network offering possibilities to make connections and regular events to meet up and discuss their experiences and business topics, thus benefiting from our diversity.

We believe in engaging all generations in the workplace to benefit from everyone’s experience, regardless of their age. We support employees of different age groups in connecting with each other and working in mixed-aged teams, as well as encouraging them to share their knowledge. We understand the generational characteristics of each individual by taking into consideration their current life path. Additionally, our health promotion initiatives, regular family days – opening up the company and the workplace to family members – and possibilities to take time out to care for relatives contribute to better connections and understanding across generations.

HENSOLDT is committed to fully include people with disabilities in an optimised working environment. Our agreements with social partners strive for the promotion of equal opportunities, the development of sustainable working conditions and make sure that all disabled employees benefit from the same career opportunities and personal development. We are working continuously to raise awareness and eliminate bias against disability through an extensive range of initiatives. We have a partnership with associations providing services or goods produced by disabled workers.