HENSOLDT – we protect your private life and health!

Detect and Protect: Protecting society and contributing to its well-being: that is the mission of our newly established Sensor House. As an employer, we not only provide our customers with customised security solutions, but also extend this company objective to our employees. As a result, you as an employee will benefit from a good balance between your personal and professional life. We are proud to have an HR policy with a family-friendly and health-orientated approach, ensuring that you enjoy a healthy work–life balance that is best suited to your needs.

„I chose to work for HENSOLDT because of its stability and security. HENSOLDT takes care of its employees“
Transformation manager

Having the freedom to manage your working time is the most important requirement for reconciling work, family life and private commitments. At HENSOLDT, we give you the option of adapting your working hours according to your needs, be it through our flexitime, by reducing your working hours (part-time work) or working from home (telework) – as long as it suits company operations.

„I like the great working environment and the flexible working hours at HENSOLDT.“
Electronic technician for devices and systems

Employees at our sites receive various forms of support with childcare arrangements. We work together with children’s day-care centres and offer places there for employees’ children. Furthermore, we offer a holiday care facility for your children while you work during the day. Particularly in a globalised world, we find it important that your children are confronted with interculturality and different languages at as early an age as possible. That’s why we sometimes offer English lessons during the holidays.

Care for life

The ‘Care for Life’ programme gives you free rein to organise your working life in the long-term as part of a flexible working time account. Here, there are two models:

  • Family care leave

Family care leave allows employees to take care of close relatives at home by way of a temporary period of part-time    employment.

  • Leave of absence for other purposes:

A leave of absence for other purposes allows employees to take a longer break for personal reasons.

Support for family members providing care

Apart from the ‘Care for Life’ programme, you can seek our caregiver advice free of charge. We will support you with issues such as suitable care services, visiting services, home emergency call services and a number of other support services, as well as with submitting applications. Our aim is to ensure that our employees feel that they can rely on our support even in times of private turmoil. 

Company health management

Sustainable health management is also critical in order to successfully ensure a good work-life balance. That is why we rely on a variety of measures which our employees can take advantage of. As well as a fitness forum and sports activities we also provide offers such as preventive health measures, seminars and presentations on a regular basis.  

Company social counselling service

The company’s social counselling service offers information, practical advice and cooperative conflict solutions for employees, managers and functionaries in both professional and private matters with regard to health, dealing with stressful personal situations or worrying behaviour.

Security and environmental awareness at the workplace

We strive to offer our employees an attractive working environment. Occupational safety and environmental protection are key factors to ensure the protection of our employees at their workplace. Additionally, we continuously improve our processes so that the management board, managers and employees at all our sites actively embrace the corporate priorities of occupational safety and environmental protection.