HENSOLDT exceeds Growth Targets

Sensor specialist takes stock after one year

Munich/Berlin, 26 April 2018 – The sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT has exceeded its growth targets in the first year of its existence. After taking stock for the first time at the International Aviation Exhibition (ILA) in Berlin, HENSOLDT’s CEO Thomas Müller announced that the company, which was originally formed in 2017 from the Airbus Group’s defence electronics activities, had recorded order intakes and revenues in excess of the €1 billion threshold, thus surpassing its target by a wide margin. In 2017, HENSOLDT managed to secure orders worth €1.2 billion, while revenues increased to almost €1.1 billion. This economic success will also “pay off” for the employees. Every employee fully entitled to benefits will receive a bonus of €2,625 for last year.

“In only one year, we have managed to change our entire way of working, create a new identity and earn recognition and a strong position in the market for sensors, optronics and avionics,” said HENSOLDT’s CEO Thomas Müller. “At the same time, we have conquered new markets and taken over three other companies. That is a great achievement by the members of HENSOLDT’s staff.”

In this first year, HENSOLDT also created a specific unit by the name of HENSOLDT Ventures for developing new fields of activity. This unit, which is not part of the company’s line organisation, has the task of implementing creative business ideas in a start-up environment. HENSOLDT Ventures is already working on a system for detecting and countering UAVs as well as on a sensor-assisted system for inspecting wind turbine rotary blades and also on a service package for 3D printing.

As a technology leader, HENSOLDT is also pursuing innovative approaches in the area of cyber security. In this strongly growing field, HENSOLDT has formed a joint venture company called HENSOLDT Cyber with the cyber security specialist Secure Elements, which develops security-hardened basic IT systems.

The most prominent air and space platforms equipped with HENSOLDT products include the F-16, Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale combat aircraft, the Tandem-X and EDRS-A satellites, the A400M transport aircraft as well as helicopters of various types. Furthermore, the company provides mission-critical equipment for the Puma and Leopard armoured vehicles, the class 212 and class 209 submarines, the US Navy’s littoral combat ships of the “Freedom” class, and the German Navy’s K130 corvettes. In the past twelve months, the order intake included a major order worth almost €100 million for modernising 400 military air traffic control and identification systems in Great Britain. Moreover, HENSOLDT also managed to largely complete an order from Canada worth €50 million for the delivery of air traffic control radar systems.


HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology and innovation in the area of defence and security electronics. The company, headquartered in Taufkirchen near Munich, is a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions, developing new products to counter a wide variety of threats based on disruptive concepts in such fields as big data, robotics and cyber security. With a workforce of some 4,300 employees, HENSOLDT generates revenues of more than €1 billion per year.


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