HENSOLDT helps Children in critical Areas to get their Smile back

Since March 2018, HENSOLDT has been an official sponsor member of Lachen Helfen e.V. (Help to Smile Association), an initiative by German soldiers and police officers for children in war zones and critical areas.

As a pioneer of technologies and innovations in the field of defence and security electronics, we feel that it is our duty to support our troops on operations. HENSOLDT’s innovations ensure a safer and more secure world. By means of our sponsor membership of Lachen Helfen e.V., we improve the prospects of a good future for children urgently requiring help in the critical areas of our time. Social commitment is just one of our central, ethical priorities, and therefore supporting this project matters greatly to us.

Under the auspices of our Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, German soldiers and police officers provide humanitarian help in the countries of deployment. Everywhere where German soldiers and police officers have been deployed, Lachen Helfen e.V. supports children urgently needing help.

Emphasis is on building schools, orphanages and hospitals in the pertinent country of deployment. Planning, implementation and completion are closely monitored by German soldiers and police officers, at the moment particularly in Mali, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan and the Balkans. The projects and the amount of aid needed are determined by the soldiers and police officers themselves locally and in close consultation with the Operations Command. In this way, in collaboration with the soldiers on operations, fast and flexible help can be ensured in the country of deployment, without too much red tape. [NU]