HENSOLDT improves Air Traffic Control at German airfields

ASR-Radar delivered to BAAINBw and Luftwaffe

Ulm/Germany, 15 November 2017 - The installation of HENSOLDT’s ASR-S (Aerodrome Surveillance Radar - Series) radar to modernise air traffic control at German military airfields is progressing. In the frame of a €250m contract awarded by the German procurement authority BAAINBw the seventh of 20 radar systems was recently handed over to the BAAINBw and the German Air Force’s System Centre 24 (SysZ 24) at Trollenhagen in Neubrandenburg.

The ASR systems will replace the 30-year-old radars which have been used until now in military air traffic control. The new radars will be used for approach control at the airfields themselves and for airspace surveillance within a radius of more than 100 km (60 NM) to safely coordinate military flight movements with civil air traffic. The radar systems at the German Air Force bases in Laupheim, Büchel, Wittmund and Untermeitingen as well as at the German Military Technical Centre WTD 61 in Manching and at the Army Air Base in Niederstetten are already in operation.

System Centre 24 is subordinated to the Bundeswehr’s Weapon System Support Centre 2 and is in charge of maintaining ground-based radar and communications systems. The technical staff of the Air Traffic Control Unit of SysZ 24 use the ASR-S as a reference system in order to support the operational units at the Air Force’s military airfields to ensure depot level maintenance.

HENSOLDT supplies customers all over the world with air traffic control and identification systems for military and civilian applications. The company received orders for a complete approach control system for the Swiss Air Force as well as for different versions of the ASR to be supplied to Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), UK, Australia and Canada.


HENSOLDT is an independent, globally leading supplier of premium sensors for security and surveillance missions. The company is active throughout the world in such areas as missile warning systems and submarine periscopes. Moreover, HENSOLDT is very active in the market for radar systems, optronics and electronic protection systems. The company comprises the security and defence electronics activities of the Airbus Group, which were spun off from the group in 2017 and have now entered the market as a new sensor house under the brand name of HENSOLDT. HENSOLDT employs approximately 4,000 employees, generating annual revenues of about €1 billion.


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