HENSOLDT leads the Way concerning Bundeswehr certification

First company to have passed the audit procedure according to new standard

Munich, 28 July 2017 – HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH is the first German aviation company to have passed an audit carried out by the Bundeswehr aviation authority Luftfahrtamt der Bundeswehr (LufABw) in accordance with the new DEMAR 21G standard (DEMAR = German Military Airworthiness Requirements). This means that HENSOLDT will be approved as a manufacturing and maintenance company pursuant to DEMAR 145.  

This certification will allow HENSOLDT to participate in multinational programmes without losing any time and to comply with the uniform quality standards applicable in this context. Moreover, this approval will also ensure that HENSOLDT’s national product certification will be recognised on an international level. In future, new military aviation programmes in Europe will only be issued to tender in accordance with the EMAR standards.  

Owing to cost overruns and delays in multinational military aviation programmes, early in 2009 the European defence ministers decided to standardise the requirements for military aviation and air safety across Europe. This was the reason that the EMAR (European Military Airworthiness Requirements) were developed, based on EASA’s civil aviation legislation, thus being up to almost 95% identical. As the EMAR, in contrast to the EASA rules, are not legally binding, they must subsequently be implemented individually in each country’s national legislation. At the end of 2016, the Bundeswehr aviation authority LufABw put the German DEMAR sections 21 J (development), 21 G (manufacture) and 145 (maintenance) into force.


HENSOLDT is an independent, globally leading supplier of premium sensors for security and surveillance missions. The company is active throughout the world in such areas as missile warning systems and submarine periscopes. Moreover, HENSOLDT is very active in the market for radar systems, optronics and electronic protection systems. The company comprises the security and defence electronics activities of the Airbus Group, which were spun off from the group in 2017 and have now entered the market as a new sensor house under the name of HENSOLDT. HENSOLDT employs approximately 4,000 employees, generating annual revenues of about €1 billion. 


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