ADIS – AFDX & Digital Injection System

Test tool for in-flight testing operations


  • Modular system (multiple aircraft programs)
  • Scalable (configuration)
  • Versatile (separate units, operated via HMI or scripts)
  • Robust (ground or flight use)


ADIS is a system – used on-board or on the ground – for validating aircraft equipment applications by managing their parameters, including triggers, configuration modifications and monitoring.

With ADIS, the flight engineer can modify how aircraft functions behave:

  • Determine the aircraft’s flight configuration for the planned testing conditions.
  • Set a range of aircraft parameters and functions.
  • Inject faults during an in-flight test.

ADIS was developed by HENSOLDT on behalf of Airbus. The ADIS system is used to increase the coverage of integrated avionics systems testing for each dedicated avionics standard.

Main Benefits

  • Testing of aircraft applications (AAS = Avionics Application Software)
  • Management of internal aircraft parameters (IPR)
  • ARINC, AFDX and IENA protocols

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions



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