Flight control system for UAVs and OPVs


  • No legacy code (green sheet approach)
  • OPV ready
  • ATOL for all platforms including auto-taxi for fixed-wing aircraft
  • Automatic waypoint flight, (quasi) 3D
  • Figure implementation for circle, hippodrome, eight
  • Fly-To and Stare-At commands


NuPilot is the autopilot software. It controls all sorts of UAVs such as multirotors, fixed-wings or rotary-wings. It is operated by the ground control software EasyTask UAV. Secure communication is ensured by a proprietary protocol. NuPilot uses state of the art sensor fusion algorithms for navigation and runs a smart controller for redundant sensor integration and monitoring.


  • Pattern generation for surveying
  • GPS position hold
  • Joystick & Vectoring mode (Altitude, Heading, Speed)
  • Automatic return to home (Link loss)
  • Emergency glide to impact automatic failover in duplex and triplex systems
  • Blackbox recording of all vital parameters

Main Benefits

Robust control and failsafe operation reduces the workload of the operator to a minimum. Standard flight modes can easily be extended for customer needs. NuPilot is the perfect unmanned flight operation solution for all kinds of missions.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions