Certifiable Airborne Computer

For Civil and Military Applications


  • Moving Map
  • Mission Computing
  • (H)TAWS
  • Flight Computing
  • Sensor Processing
  • Communication Management
  • Graphics Processing
  • Navigation (FMS)


The HENSOLDT Certified Airborne Computer (CAC) is a DAL C certified computer platform that can host your application, military,civil, and/or civil certified (E)TSO.

Related to the partitioned structure the CAC is perfectly suited to run multiple tasks in parallel.


  • Certification ready up to RTCA-DO254 assurance level C and DO-178C software certification up to DAL A possible.
  • High-speed interfaces
  • Extra multi-purpose high-performance embedded computing

Main Benefits

  • Fully RTCA/DO-160F qualified
  • Smallest airborne computer in its class.
  • Off-the-shelf  hardware
  • Low weight and power


Fully integrated Mission Computer Solution by HENSOLDT

The Mission Computer can integrate all elements of a modern aircraft mission sensor suite in one device.



Product Impressions


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