Non-intrusive data acquisition equipment



NIDAE is a flight recorder that allows reliable, secure mass collection of aircraft data.

NIDAE monitors and stores ARINC-429 data packets passing between on-board equipment. With its wireless transmitter, which can be activated on demand, NIDAE can transfer data to an expert system for analysis via Ethernet cable or a JR45 interface.

As a plug-in device, NIDAE does not require any wiring, making installation both simple and quick. It can be sandwiched between an ARINC-600 tray and device or between an ARINC-600 device and the aircraft network.

A non-intrusive solution, it ensures compliance with data link transparency requirements and guarantees the functional integrity of the computer with which it interfaces.

NIDAE is the ideal tool for in-flight testing installations (FTIs), FAL testing, and monitoring the health status of the operational aircraft fleet.


  • Multiple ARINC-429 bus acquisition
  • Robust ARINC-600 trays
  • ARINC data formatting using IENA or ESAO for FAL application
  • Real-time Wi-Fi transmission (optional LTE or Wi-Fi)

Main Benefits

  • Non-intrusive equipment
  • Large storage capacity
  • Real-time access to flight data
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Simplified flight clearance and approval procedures
  • Included in the Airbus catalogue

Product Impressions



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