SferiRec LCR

Lightweight Crash Recorder


  • Combined recording of voice, data & video
  •  Integrated DAU and CSMU
  •  Integrated sensor package for autonomous  operation


The Lightweight Crash Recorder (LCR)  combines into one single box all acquisition and recording functions that were previously spread across different devices .

With its reduced dimension and weight, it is possible to equip small aircraft platforms and helicopters as well as business jets and UAVs. Our SferiRec LCR is a very light recorder.

In cooperation with KAPPA Optronics GmbH, we also offer an extreme light all-in-one crash recording solution, including the SferiRec LCR and the high resolution onboard camera FE 320 LCR from KAPPA.

All-In-One Crash Recording Solution


  • Integrated Sensors (IMU), GPS and microphone
  • Multiple avionics interfaces supported
  • Quick access SD-Card slot
  • 16GB Crash Protected Data storage

Main Benefits

  • ED-155 and ETSO-2C197 compliant
  • Weighing only 1 kg
  • Maintenance recording function support

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions


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