Xpeller Rapid

Counter UAV Solution - mobile deployment


  • Force, critical infrastructure and event protection
  • Benefits of a broad portfolio with field-proven performance
  • Easy to use application for rapid and effective operation
  • Seamless integration of radar, camera, jammer and direction finder with a user-firendly C2-software


React quickly to the threat of UAV incursion, with a modular and scalable multi-sensor security solution, capable of addressing both current and evolving threats.

Xpeller Rapid – the movable version of HENSOLDT's Counter UAV solution Xpeller - is able to protect people and sites, anytime, anywhere. It uses a combination of radar, electro-optical as well as rangfinders and jammers, all fused in a common C2 for an optimum of protection against unmanned threats.

In order to rapidly deploy your Counter UAV System, Xpeller Rapid is either integrated into a vehicle (mast solution) or comes in transport boxes and can be easily set-up on tripods. Based on the Xpeller toolkit, the components follow the detect – identify – control – act workflow.

Thus, they not only detect but also successfully defeat hostile drones at ranges up to several kilometres.



  • Detect the potential threat with a high probability of detection via a powerful radar
  • Identify the potential threat as an actual threat with a very low false alarm rate via visual confirmation with a multi-spectral camera
  • Control and analyse the information via a user-freindly C2-software
  • Act on the threat by raising alarms, or engaging the threat with a counter measure like a catcher drone


Main Benefits

  • Easily and quickly deployed, mobile solution
  • Safe: return UAV to base or land
  • Non-destructive electronic threat management
  • Completely configurable
  • Totally scalable
  • Cost effective
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Universal integration capability
  • Multiple sensor capable C2
  • Drone operator tracking capability
  • Performs day and night, in all weather conditions


Product Impressions