Xpeller Guard

Counter UAV Solution - fixed site, wide area


  • Adapts to threat, site and budget with a configurable and modular multi-sensor set-up
  • Seamless integration of radar, camera, jammer and direction finder with a user-firendly C2-software
  • Scalable approach, adaptable to provide complete protection to any site, whatever its shape and size


React quickly to the threat of UAV incursion, with a modular and scalable multi-sensor security solution, capable of addressing both current and evolving threats.

Xpeller is an adaptable solution to protect vulnerable and sensitive sites from UAV threats. HENSOLDT technology enables sensitive sites, like airports, sports stadiums or industrial operations, to match solutions to their exact requirements, whilst avoiding the risks of hard kill. Add ons to the core solution of radars, cameras, and jammers, include IFF, RF direction finding and much more.

Xpeller Guard is suited to static deployment. The Single Mast Solution (SMSD) offers the benefits of a small footprint, with its co-located sensors deployed on a strategically placed mast.

Static deployment offers the opportunity to create a permanent solution, configured to match the operating conditions. Xpeller Guard delivers 360 degree static situational awareness solutions to facilitate increased reaction speed. Integrated video tracking provides a cost-effective solution for detection tracking and management of drone incursion.

In a typical Xpeller Guard solution, the powerful Xpeller C2 command and control system integrates radar, jammer and cameras, both daylight and thermal, to provide day and night protection, whatever the weather conditions.


  • Detect the potential threat with a very low probability of detection via a powerful radar
  • Identify the potential threat as an actual threat with a very low false alarm rate via visual confirmation with a multi-spectral camera
  • Control and analyse the information via a user-freindly C2-software
  • Act on the threat by raising alarms, or engaging the threat with a counter measure like a catcher drone


Main Benefits

•     Safe: return UAV to base or land
•     Non-destructive electronic threat management
•     Completely configurable
•     Totally scalable
•     Cost effective
•     Adaptable and flexible
•     Universal integration capability
•     Multiple sensor capable C2
•     Drone operator tracking capability
•     Performs day and night, in all weather conditions


Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions

Product Impressions