Boresighting - HiPAD

High Precision Alignment Devices

Our HiPADs

Highest precision – a proud heritage
The HiPAD boresight equipment carries on a proud heritage since it has been developed as the standard equipment for the renowned Leopard MBT-series and the SPH2000 self-propelled howitzer. One reason for the success of these weapon systems is their extraordinary accuracy. Made possible by the HiPAD boresight devices from Hensoldt Optronics.

Adjustable caliber bars
No weapon is like the other. Over time weapon barrels do not stay the same or manufacturing parameters can change. And these tiny differences affect the aiming accuracy. The HiPAD caliber bars use adjustable buffers to fit each barrel perfectly, providing a perfect alignment result -each time.


Missing the target is no option

Protecting, fighting, surviving. A soldier in the field is confronted with various hostile threats, that make an immediate reaction inevitable. Lives and the success of the mission depend on the aiming accuracy of his equipment. The soldier needs to be right on target – always. Missing the target is no option, since it reveals your position or gives the enemy the chance to fight back.

Wasting expensive ammunition in a combat zone and an increased risk of collateral damage and friendly fire are additional disadvantages of inaccurate weapon systems that are avoidable. Because besides firepower it is the first hit probability that defines the combat value of a weapon. It is mission critical and in the field a matter of pure survival. HENSOLDT offers the high-performance Muzzle Boresights to enable armed and security forces worldwide to do their duty with the highest level of aiming accuracy.

With decades of experience our high precision tools provide the advantage to keep control in combat situations and outperform the enemy. Covering handheld weapons up to heavy weapon systems Infantrymen or vehicle crews alike benefit from this vast improvement of their survivability and combat capabilities.