IRV 900 A1

Thermal sight attachment for sniper rifles and machine guns


  • Long range
  • Simple operating concept
  • Video port for external monitor
  • Noiseless and ready to use in only five seconds
  • Additional Picatinny rail for optional accessories
  • Practical battery pack for replacement without tools
  • Central control panel


The thermal sight attachment IRV 900 A1 is the enhancement of the well-tried IRV 900 - developed for sniper rifles or machine guns. As an in-line system it fulfills the high requirements of specialized troops.

The high performance was supplemented with following characteristics: The IRV 900 A1 can be either used as a clip-on system with 1x magnification or as a stand-alone targeting optic with digital zoom. A colour monitor enables an easier target reconaissance with false colour presentation.

Product Impressions