Medium range camera for surveillance applications


  • Improvement of surveillance / intercept missions
  • User-friendly system operation
  • Easy integration
  • Uncooled system
  • Highly mobile


The ITAR-free Z:SparrowHawk is specially designed for observation at medium ranges.

Latest leading microbolometers and advanced CMOS-sensors reduce power consumption and provide greater sensitivity and superior image quality. The particular features turn the Z:SparrowHawk medium range observation system into a unique choice for longterm installations for fixed, mobile or stationary surveillance. 

The IP-based Z:SparrowHawk can be operated as a stand-alone or networked camera by means of our Management Software suite Z:ASSESS. It also allows integration into existing legacy operating systems.


  • effective protection of armoured fighting vehicles against guided ammunition such as missiles and laser guided munitions
  • IR Jammer countermeasure effective against wire guided optically tracked non-jam-resistant missiles
  • Pyrotechnic munition counter measure effective against:
    • jam-resistant second generation missiles
    • third generation missiles (e.g. guided by IR-Seeker)
    • laser Target Designator guided missiles
    • laser Target Designator guided munitions
  • No significant influence on vehicle radiation:
    • Passive sensors (UV-MWS and LWS)
    • IR Jammer short activation time, not detectable either in visible or in thermal image spectrum
  • Multi-threat capability
  • No collateral damage (as with hard kill DAS)

Main Benefits

Presently the protection of armoured fighting vehicles is based on traditional protection made of steel or composite materials. The level of protection has mainly been improved by providing thicker armour with the consequence of increasing weight. The requirement of the weight budget for the Puma Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) is very limited. Under such conditions, the level of protection cannot be achieved when using only passive armour.

It is only possible to improve the level of an Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle's protection within the given weight limitations by using an active protection system approach. Hits from hostile ATGM threats can be avoided by combining warning sensors, which detect the missile and laser threats, and activate the appropriate countermeasures.

Product Impressions




Z:Spaarohawk Datasheet