Eurofighter Captor-E Radar

AESA radar for combat aircraft Eurofighter


  • Widest Field of Regard
  • Large antenna array for highest power output in class
  • Multi-channel receiver
  • Superior detection capabilities


The Eurofighter CAPTOR-E radar is being developed by the Euroradar consortium comprising Leonardo (Great Britain, Italy), Indra (Spain) and sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT (Germany). The consortium has already developed and produced more than 400 Captor radars.

TheEurofighter’s  new generation Captor-E radar is based on AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) technology and will significantly enhance the capabilities and survivability of the Eurofighter.

Electronic beam scanning combined with flexible radar resource management provide outstanding detection performance and ensure simultaneous multi-target tracking, missile guidance and perception of the situation.

The Eurofighter’s nose is larger than that of all the comparable fighters, which means that the antenna is much larger and consequently more powerful than that of competing aircraft. This, together with the ability to mechanically rotate the antenna with a larger angle of view, increases both the detection area and the field of regard in comparison with other AESA radar systems.


  • Multimode Fire Control Radar with Weapon System Support
  • Wide Field of Regard re-positioner
  • Faster Detection and Tracking of multiple Targets
  • Improved Tracking Performance
  • Extended Missile Guidance

Main Benefits

The Captor-E active electronically scanned array radar is a next-generation multi-mode Doppler radar designed for the Eurofighter. The wide field of regard and early target detection provides the pilot with a greater situational awareness.

Product Impressions

Product Impressions