Integrated Navigation System (INS)

Safety and efficiency at sea


  • Central, user-focused, MFD console
  • Access to all tasks critical to navigation - radar, ECDIS, Conning Displays, Bridge Alarm Management …
  • Secure gateways for all external applications, so that failure of equipment cannot spread across the critical navigation network
  • Vessel can maintain the plotted path automatically, at all times, with minimum intervention from the navigator


Kelvin Hughes’ next-generation Integrated Navigation System (INS) is designed for all types of vessels, up to and including the largest state-of-the-art cruise ships

The Kelvin Hughes INS offers a market leading user interface, for ease of operation and maintenance with full integration to all existing navigation equipment and sensors.


  • Heading and position data
  • Steering control systems
  • Track control function 
  • Machinery control and automation systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Vessel optimisation display
  • Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)
  • Ship stability system
  • DP (Dynamic Positioning) System
  • CCTV / Thermal cameras
  • S-Band and X-Band radars

Main Benefits

  • Space saving and minimalistic design
  • Reduced installation cost to operators
  • Provides exceptional reliability
  • Allows simple retrofit solutions to all vessel types.

Product Impressions


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