LTR 400 Far Field Monitor

Identify Friends, Prevent Fratricide - IFF Tester Family


  • Testing and monitoring purposes for an interrogation system


LTR 400 FFM Far Field Monitor is supporting tests and integration into platform. It consists of The LTR 400 Transponder installed at a fix position and operated for test and monitoring purposes for an interrogation system.

The transponder replies to interrogation calls. The reply signal can be evaluated and interpreted within the interrogator.


  • Modes 1,2,3/A, C,4,5 up to level 2
  • Mode S : level 2, SI-code processing, Elementary & Enhanced Surveillance Extended Squitter
  • Mode 4 QRTK3-B Crypto Appliqué
  • Mode 4/5 QRTK3-NG Crypto Appliqué
  • Priority processing of interrogations

Main Benefits

  • Available with different variants of Lightweight LTR 400 transponders to fit perfectly to customer needs.
  • Comprehensive Built-In Test (BIT)
  • Optimized field testing and  integration
  • Transportation case

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