SPEXER 2000 Coastal

Security Radar for Coastal Surveillance


  • Surveillance of large areas / long distances
  • Very early warning / high level of situational awareness
  • Detection, tracking and automatic classification of even very small and slowly moving sea targets such as swimmers or rubber dinghies (due to high Doppler resolution)
  • Very high target location accuracy (in range and azimuth)
  • Very low average radiated power: 16 Watts
  • High sea clutter suppression (due to signal-to-noise instead of signal-to-clutter ratio)


The SPEXER 2000 Coastal is a high-performance coastal surveillance radar for the automatic detection and classification of sea, ground and low-flying air targets. It was developed for the specific requirements of security threats; with its primary fields of application in coastal surveillance systems.

Main Benefits

The SPEXER 2000 Coastal is the only available sensor on the market able to detect very small and slowly moving asymmetric threats that the maritime sector is facing (e.g. swimmers and rubber dinghies). It is an optimal solution for coastal surveillance with the simultaneous surveillance of sea and ground areas.

The SPEXER 2000 Coastal can complement vessel traffic systems at points of special interest and in complex environments, where conventional radars cannot cope with challenging security surveillance scenarios (e.g. detection of a swimmer in front of a vessel).

Product Impressions


HENSOLDT UK / Kelvin Hughes