IFF/SSR & Mode S Basics

Technology Training

Course ID: Mode5-000-01

1 Day

Max. 12



  • Recognise the problems of legacy IFF Modes
  • Consider the advantages of Mode 5
  • Characterise the difference between Mode 5 Format Numbers
  • Describe the different Levels of Mode 5 implementation

Course Information

Target Group

Project Manager - Engineers - Technicians - Operator and Employees working in the field of radar technology and IFF/SSR Data-Link


  • IFF/SSR & Mode S Basics Training
  • Export License Agreement necessary
  • Participants need Clearance for NATO RESTRICTED documents


  • Introduction to Mk X and sliding window principle
  • Introduction Mode S and monopulse principle
  • Advantages of Mode S compared to Mk X
  • Interrogation and Reply signals
  • Interrogator Code allocation
  • Mode S Acquisition and Lockout strategies
  • Combined operation of Mode S and Mk X
  • Roll-Call scheduling and Power Management
  • Uplink and Downlink Formats
  • Introduction to ADS-B / Mode S Squitter



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