Advanced Laser Threat Alerting System

The ALTAS-2QB laser warning systems comprises passive systems that are designed to detect, track and warn of hostile laser sources aiming at the platform. ALTAS-2QB permits easy installation and integration on all airborne military platforms.

ALTAS-2QB detects laser range finders, lasertarget designators and laser beamriders. ALTAS-2QB delivers all parameters required to initiate relevant countermeasures.

ALTAS-2QB system provides:

  • In-time warning with low FAR against LRF, LTD and LBR
  • Multiple simultaneous detection and tracking of up to 4 threats
  • High reliability due to low numbers of LRUs (MTBF)
  • Low weight
  • Best angle accurancy in azimuth of the market


Field of view (2 quadrants)

182° AZ, +/- 45° EL
2° RMS angle accuracy in high azimuth


0.5 μm - 1.65 μm (LRF/LTD)
0.8 μm - 1.1 μm (LBR)

Multi-threat capability
Depth 140 mm
Height189 mm
Width 240mm
Weight< 3.5 kg

Product impressions