AMPS-MLR, based on MILDS B2, ALTAS-2QB, and RWR ELT/160(V)1, protects helicopters and aircraft by detecting IR guided missiles, laser range finders, laser target designators, laser beam rider missiles, radar guided threats.

Main functionalities

Main functionalities AMPS: see section AMPS

RWR: The standard radar warning receiver of AMPS is the ELT/160(V)1. It is a small, rugged and light weight Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) suitable for transport aircraft applications where payload weight and size shall be limited.
ELT/160(V)1 main purpose is to quickly detect radar threats in order to guarantee the self-protection of the platform.
The RWR is able to intercept, analyse and identify radar signals in the E to J bands and K band, computing the related directions of arrival.

Product impressions