The MRSI 2000 is a member of the MRSI product family, HENSOLDT solution for highly reliable communication signal analysis, classification and decoding in the HF, VUHF and SHF bands.

With the MRSI 2000 single signals as well as multi-signal scenarios with more than 3 MHz bandwidth can be evaluated interactively.  

MRSI 2000 Key Features

  • view the spectrum with a high resolution waterfall display
  • zoom into dense signal scenarios and select the signal of interest
  • classify the signal automatically. The result is the modulation or directly the transmission mode with signal parameters
  • detect the signal's protocol automatically
  • demodulate and decode the signal automatically
  • store and export results
  • record signals or spectrum segments
  • listen into the signal. Speech transmissions but also the sound of digital transmissions can be put directly to the loudspeaker.
  • store speech transmissions in standard WAVE format
  • use an extensive tool set for the analysis of unknown signals
  • view and process recordings with the powerful offline mode
  • include own decoders (option)

The MRSI 2000 provides reliable results, supported with

  • more than 30 years of experience in signal analysis
  • field proven and continuously optimized algorithms 

The MRSI 2000 is easy to use and operators of any skill level will be able to retrieve results fast. It provides

  • an intuitive and efficient graphical user interface
  • a workflow concept achieving results with few mouse clicks
  • well-structured result displays and singleclick result export 

The MRSI 2000 is flexible, because

  • it can be operated with live signals as well as recordings (online and offline operation)
  • it takes the signals from various sources (including TCP/IP) and from a large number of receivers
  • it is highly configurable
  • it is a software product and it can be installed on standard hardware 
  • it can be used standalone (even without receivers) or integrated in systems of any size

The MRSI 2000 has been delivered throughout the world and its capabilities made it the preferred signal analysis application in civil and military organisations.

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