Missile Warning System

The armed forces have recognised the increasing threat to their tactical aircraft from anti-aircraft infrared guided missiles. By one estimate more than 500,000 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles exist and are available on the worldwide market. A high percentage of the aircraft losses in current and recent conflicts were from groundbased defensive systems using IR SAMS.

The threat of passive anti-aircraft missiles is evident. They are an undeniable danger to the aircrew and the aircraft.

Facing the Challenge

To counter the increasing threat by IR-guided missiles, countries and armed forces are required to deploymore sophisticated solutions for self-defence of aircraft. Advanced missile warning systems and countermeasures against IR-guided missiles have become critical for survivability.

To meet this threat, HENSOLDT Sensors developed the missile warning system AN/AAR-60, known as MILDS- the solution especially fitting the requirements of helicopters and wide-body aircraft.


Field of View:
  • 4 Sensors
  • 6 Sensors
± 45° EL x 360° AZ
full spherical coverage

> 9,600 flight

hours/LRUAngular Res. DIRCM compatible
Threat Analysis Capability > 8 threats per LRU
Power Consumption

< 14 W/h per LRU

No cooling required
No Mission Data File (MDF) /
User Data File (USD) required
Weight< 2 kg

Product impressions