Fibre-optic towed radar decoy system

Self-protection system against radar threats

Sky Buzzer is a high-power radar jamming and decoying system optimised for the protection of both fighter aircraft and transport/mission aircraft. Developed as an effective counter measure against a wide range of radars, including mono-pulse radars, Sky Buzzer has been successfully operated against modern naval, airborne and ground-based threat systems on several aircraft. Sky Buzzer is available as a stand-alone system or can be integrated into existing jammers.


High output power
Extended frequency range
Fibre-optic ECM technique link
Advanced DRFM with extremely wide bandwidth and embedded technique generator
Highly stable flight behaviour for all speed ranges
Operational immediately after ejection
No impact on A/C performance
Cost-effective solution due to decoy recovery systems:
  • Sky Buzzer parachute version
  • Sky Buzzer active winch retrieval version
Quick refurbishment and low maintenance costs

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