New-generation multifunctional field tester

BTI 1000 I tests MkXIIAS IFF/SSR interrogators and transponders, combined interrogators and transponders as well as TCAS/ACAS equipment.

BTI 1000 I is based on an innovative and flexible digital system architecture allowing for compact design, unmatched low weight and simple and cost-effective functional enhanceability.

Main applications:

  • Support of IFF/SSR operation. Go/NoGo verification of the correct functioning of IFF, SSR and TCAS/ACAS platforms concerning all their interrogation and response modes.
  • Support of IFF/SSR missions. For military use, one emphasis lies on the validation of the correct key and time setting just before a mission or after a key loading operation.
  • Support of IFF/SSR repair, maintenance and test activities. Complete test of IFF, SSR and TCAS/ACAS chain, including the integrity of exchanged information and performance in the frame of a maintenance or functional verification visit. The test solution provides detailed performance information and test results for further judgement. Data are stored and can be easily retrieved.
  • True IFF transponder capabilities. Complete test of interrogators in the field.

Product impressions