Our products

HENSOLDT Optronics has for years excelled at designing and building telescope systems for space applications. Our engineering capabilities run the gamut from conceptualisation and optical and mechanical design to manufacturing, alignment and space testing. We join forces with customers to co-develop telescopes ranging from classic Cassegrain and Korsch solutions to innovative off-axis systems and beyond. 

As a technology company with a customer-centric mindset, our aim is to tailor the optimum optical solution for each application. Our performance promise demands that we deliver precisely what your specifications for encircled energy performance, field of view, spectral capabilities, f-number, focal length, and many other related parameters dictate. HENSOLDT Optronics’ engineering team leverages state-of-the-art optical materials, space-qualified coating and environmentally-conditioned mechanical materials to meet these expectations in the lab. And with the help of Carl Zeiss’ manufacturing excellence, we are able to put together the perfect package for your mission profile.

Space missions expose equipment to one of the most punishing environments known to humankind. Any weakness in material or design flaw can be a telescope system’s undoing. HENSOLDT Optronics staff have the skills and experience to strike the perfect balance of mass, volume, stiffness, optical design tradeoffs, modified mirrors, and tailored structural materials. And they have the vision to push the technology envelope and turn up the innovations you need for your mission to succeed.