Multi-function air surveillance and target acquisition radar

TRML-4D is HENSOLDT Sensors Systems' latest member of the C-Band (NATO G-Band) ground based air defense radar family.

Based on the most advanced Gallium Nitride ActiveElectronically Scanned Array (AESA) sensor technology with multiple digitally formed beams, TRML-4D is designed for near- to long-range ground to air detection and for weapon assignment. It is capable of detecting, tracking, and classifying various types of air targets, with a particular emphasis on small, fast, and low-flying and/or maneuvering cruise missiles and aircrafts and hovering helicopters. The TRML-4D comes along with a dedicated C-RAM and C-UAS mode.  

Its secondary radar is capable to deal with the interrogation modes up to Mk XIIA/S. TRML-4D's unique concept of simultaneous multi-beams and Doppler processing ensures reliable performance of all operational tasks at a high update rate.

TRML-4D is excellent in complex environments with mixed clutter and high target densities. Due to the outstanding radar performance most of the short range and medium range surface-to-air missile systems are supported.

TRML-4D is designed for continuous operation and high operational availability. The probability for zero critical failures during a 24/7 three month mission of more than 99 % results in very significant advantages on logistic support. Maintenance free missions are enabled by graceful degradation through the use of multiple solid state transmit and receive modules. The low MTTR, high reliability per component and the advanced built-in test equipment (BITE) together ease maintenance and facilitate the low life cycle costs of TRML-4D.


Performance Data

Instrumented range

250 km

Instrumented altitude 30 km
Minimum range100 m
Elevation coverage

-2° ... +70°

Azimuth coverage Rotating: 360°
Fixed: -50° ... +50° (relative to boresight)
Target detection capability RCS 0.01 m²
Tracking 3D capacity

1,500 targets

Track range performance Fighter Aircraft: > 120 km
Supersonic Missile: > 60 km
Track update rate < 1 s
MTTR < 0.5 hours

Frontend with Antenna

Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA)


Electronic tilt


Integrated IFF Antenna

Very low side lobes

Graceful degradation

EMCON features


Digital beam forming (DBF) 


Pulse Doppler processing in all beams


Sophisticated classification algorithms

Electronic Counter-Counter Measures

Product impressions