In a complex world with unpredictable and constantly changing threats, having better information is the key to staying ahead and mitigating the threats.

PrecISR™, HENSOLDT’s new family of airborne multi-mission surveillance radars offering high performance and compact design, is precisely the solution required to provide decision makers with this outstanding capability.

PrecISR™ comprises of the newest generation gallium nitride AESA1 antenna technology with two dimensional e-scan capability, combined with large bandwidth multi-channel radar core electronics and integrated radar signal processing.

The modular design of the PrecISR™ antenna allows to readily provide scaled antenna sizes to fit different platforms.

The PrecISR™ radar modes are software-defined with striking performance! The design of the PrecISR™ is ITAR free.

1 Active Electronically Scanned Array

Operational Application

PrecISR™ has been designed for all types of airborne surveillance missions in 24/7 operation and in all weather conditions to ensure safety & security and to detect conventional and asymmetric threats on the ground, at sea and in the air.

This makes PrecISR™ the sensor of choice for monitoring large sea and coastal areas to combat piracy, illicit trafficking or intrusion.

  • Human Trafficking
  • Piracy
  • Illigal Fishing
  • Oil Dumping
  • Terrorism
  • Timber Smuggling


Detecting, tracking and classifying thousands of objects, thus literally finding the ‘needle in a haystack’. The PrecISR™ increases the surveillance capabilities and mission efficiency for any special mission aircraft.

PrecISR™ can perform several different tasks at the same time in all three domains: Ground, Sea and Air.


  • SAR2: high and medium resolution spotlight and stripmap SAR
  • Moving Target Indication (MTI): surveillance of large areas and pre-defined sectors


  • Open Sea Long Range (OSL)
  • Maritime ISAR (Inverse SAR)
  • High Range Resolution Target Profiling


  • Detecting and intercepting of low flying aircraft (gathering information on direction and speed of a flying target for correlation with data from other sensors, e.g. ADS-B and EO/IR)

2 Synthetic Aperture Radar

PrecISR 1000

The PrecISR™ 1000 represents a size, weight and power optimized radar configuration, which is most suitable for fixedwing, helicopter and UAV platform integration.


W: 75 cm
H: 30 cm


60 kg

Average Power

1.4 kW

AESA Antenna technology

X-band, GaN, multi-channel, electronic scanning in azimuth and elevation

Instrumented range

200 NM

Resolution (Spotlight SAR):

0.3 m

Horizontal / Elevation Coverage

+150°/-150° mechanical rotation
+60°/-60° ESCAN


tilted -15°
+30°/-30° ESCAN

Simultaneous Multi-mode capability

Yes (within ms) e.g. SAR & GMTI3 or ISAR & MMTI4



Power 28 Vdc

3 Ground Moving Target Indication

4 Maritime Moving Target Indication

Customer Benefits at a glance:

  • 24/7, all weather airborne surveillance
  • Providing the capability to detect threats on the ground, at sea and in the air
  • Superior precision and target accuracy
  • Reduction of operator workload
  • Easy to install aboard helicopters, UAVs and fixed-wing special mission aircraft