Safety, Performance and Apps in true Synergy

Over 30 years of experience and more than 1500 delivered equipment's operated on all major European fixed-wing and helicopter military platforms

Due to a wide range of deployment scenarios and multi-role capabilities, the requirements for military airborne platforms such as interoperability, sensor integration and pilot assistance are continually increasing. Therefore, military airborne platforms need to be equipped with more capabilities than ever before, but newly introduced, strict DO-254/DO-178 safety certification regulations limit overall performance capabilities and interface access.

Legacy embedded computer systems do not have the performance capacity, nor the ability to become DO-254/178 safety certified and thus fulfill these enhanced requirements. While safety certifiable systems can be custom-built, they cost the integrator millions in time and resources, not to mention significantly raise the program risk. With a custom system in your airborne platform that has outdated technology and will be expensive to upgrade, how will you obtain the required functionality AND performance with DO-254/178 certification and still stay on budget?

To address these issues, today’s system integrator needs to replace their legacy embedded computer systems with high-performance solutions that are size, weight, and power (SWaP)-optimized as well as comply with stringent DO-254/DO-178 safety certification regulations. As the system integrator makes the transition to a SWaP-optimized, DO-254/DO-178 compliant high-performance solution, the ability to easily integrate and re-use legacy or 3rd Party applications will be essential.

The Hensoldt DO-254/178 Mission Computer, developed in partnership with Curtiss-Wright and CoreAVI, is THE SOLUTION to meet these challenges. It: 

  • is comprised of Curtiss-Wright’s DO-254 safety certifiable COTS hardware, CoreAVI’s OpenGL™ drivers, and HENSOLDT’s DO-178-compliant fully integrated operating system, software drivers and support functions
  • combines ITAR free multi-core processing technology with a 4K graphics capability and high-speed interfaces to support the requirements of tomorrow's avionics architectures
  • provides two physically segregated functional areas assigned to safety and non-safety critical requirements, along with complete software environment, all delivering high performance together with safety critical functions
  • has proven integration of existing legacy and 3rd party application software, all in one modern, SWaP-optimized ARINC600 package.
  • The Mission Computer provides Safety, Performance and Applications in true synergy! AND … the world’s first safety certifiable dual 4k video output!
  • The Mission Computer hardware, operating system, software drivers and development environment are fully integrated and the ready-to-use basis for your software development and testing. Standard avionic support services are provided.
  • Safety and non-safety critical requirements are assigned to physically segregated areas inside the Mission Computer, enabling you to integrate in-service software or 3rd party applications in combination with safety critical functions.

This represents a simple, but highly efficient approach to overcome the ever rise in software complexity and costs.

The Mission Computer not only meets your modern DO-254/178 certified technology requirements, it surpasses them whilst reducing your costs and risks, and accelerating your time to market!

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