The Vehicle Protection Jammers are an essential component of an overall security shield for soldiers in deployment and military vehicles. The VPJ familiy (VPJ-R6, future VPJ-H) provides leading edge SMART jamming technology for protection against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). The VPJ-R Core Equipment consists of the following components:

  • Jamming Unit (JU)
  • Command & Control Unit (CCU)
  • Equipment Manual (Standard: English)

Targeted Markets & Applications

  • M1-MBT for US Army and US Marine Corps
  • M1 ECP 1b - program
  • M1-MBT FMS-programs
  • Other applications with M1 ELRFs in use; i.e. M8 AGS

Main Functionalities

  • The SMART Jamming Technology of the VPJ familiy monitors the communication signals for triggering the RCIEDs in its frequency range.
  • By emitting jamming signals the triggering of the RCIEDs is suppressed, and therefore an assassination is prevented.
  • Conventional barrage jamming is done indiscriminately (blind jamming), which is most suitable against known and very dense threat bands, while the VPJ-R provides a unique combination of conventional (active) and responsive (reactive) jamming.
  • With this combination, SMART jammer systems significantly enlarge the protection bubble compared to traditional barrage jammers while avoiding all the risks of purely responsive jammers.
  • Thus, SMART jammers not only have the capability to protect the vehicle or person carrying the jammer, but also vehicles and persons in front of and behind the jammer system.
  • While still being protected by the VPJ, the system is capable of recording the complete observed spectrum in parallel for later analysis and RCIED jamming effectiveness improvement. In addition, time and location information from an internal GPS receiver is recorded, providing the customer with track-based information about emitter power and critical hot-spots.

Key Features

  • Software defined jammer provides flexibility and future proof utilization of SMART jamming (an intelligent combination of active and reactive jamming) for optimal effectiveness
  • High power efficiency and very high protection ranges for real-world scenarios by adaptation to current spectrum usage with ultra-short reaction times below 1ms
  • Wide band instantaneous detection up to 1GHz per Jamming Unit and countering of potential and even previously unknown threats
  • Employment of adapted Jamming Types like Spot Jamming, Noise Jamming, Swept Jamming, Pulse Jamming, and FM/FSK Jamming for optimal JSR Active jamming of known threat frequencies and blocking of specific frequencies (allows frequency based friend / foe classification)
  • Interoperability with co-operative and non-co-operative legacy jammer systems
  • Easy to integrate in many platforms
  • Extended electronic support Capabilities and SMARTscout extension available
  • Low life cycle cost due to compact and highly integrated design
  • Air-cooled system
  • Military-grade environmental qualification

Product impressions