Threats arising from a misusage of small, conventional drones need to be countered

The requirements towards the protection, however, are manifold and vary amongst the threatened institutions seeking remedies. This is why Xpeller™, the modular and scalable Counter UAV System by HENSOLDT, comprises building blocks that can be selected and combined for the respective scenario, thus leading to a site-specific, optimized solution.

HENSOLDT Xpeller™ is based on 4 pillars:

  • Select. Selection of the best components from the Xpeller™ kit, adapted to the location
  • Connect. Integration in an existing security system or stand-alone deployment in less than 1 hour
  • Detect. Easy operation and minimization of the effort for the operator
  • Act. Protection compliant with the respective legal situation


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Xpeller Operational Performance

Detection range

> 4 km typ. (depending on RCS)

Identification range 

> 1.5 km typ.

Interception range> 1.5 km typ.

Core component performance

Radar frequency band

X band

Update rate 

< 2 s for 120° sector

Coverage120° in azimuth and 30° in elevation
RF power4 W
NightOwl ZM-ER
Thermal camera spectral waveband


Camera Field of View

Thermal: ≤ 0.7° to ≥ 8.5°, Color: ≤ 0.7° to > 25°

UAV Jammer
Jammer frequency range

20 MHz ... 6000MHz

Total installed amplifier performance 

from 10 W to 400 W nom.

Antennasomnidirectional or directional
Additional system features
Threat and protection analysis

Consulting and weak point analysis

AlertingPush-Notification about Drone spottings (incl. map and picture)
Recording & PlaybackCourt-safe recording for "forensic" purposes
Alternative financing/operation modelsLeasing/Rental or Counter UAV as Service

Product impressions