Monopulse IFF/ATC Interrogator and Mode S Radar

MSSR 2000 I fulfils all Civil operator needs for an Air Traffic Control Mode S radar application. The MSSR 2000 I meets current ICAO Annex 10 Volume IV and EURO-CONTROL European Mode S Station Functional Specification v3.11 standard requirements for a Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radars with Mode S capabilities offering an effective performance/price ratio.


The MSSR 2000 I interrogator system fulfils all requirements for Mode S Enhanced Surveillancesystems. It incorporates its own data processing and tracking functions delivering ATC Mode S plot and track data. It can be operated autonomously within its area of coverage. Its modular architecture, its digital programmable signal processing, its software controlled post-processing and system management concept support customised configurations and performance optimisation for applications in different systems, like civil ATC, airport approach control radars and mobile air surveillance vessels (naval orground-based).

Product impressions