High-repetition laser rangefinder and designator product family

  • All-solid-state laser transmitter using Nd:YAG rod and OPO technology
  • Low power consumption due to high-efficiency diode laser pumping
  • High range performance due to the use of highly sensitive TE cooled In- GaAs APD
  • LED collimator for adjustment; flexible in wavelength and pattern; brightness adjustable; modular design; sealed housing
  • Compact design (volume < 1.5 l)
  • Designation acc. to STANAG 3733 LAS or externally codable
  • LRF can be operated with 20 Hz continuously
  • Conduction cooling only
  • High range resolution of 1 m
  • Range accuracy (1σ) app ± 2 m for target ranges up to 5 km  

Product impressions