Night driver periscope

The night driver periscope NDP 30 is a compact driver sight system utiliz-ing an uncooled thermal imager and a low light level digital camera. By using a scalable image fusion of both tech-nologies the user benefi ts from their complementing advantages. The NDP 30 is thus ideal for driving and mon-itoring in bright light as well as under poor visibility conditions down to to-tal darkness. It is adaptable to vehicles using periscope shafts and/or modu-lar sensor placements alike.

The driver´s enhanced sight is dis-played under the best ergonomic conditions and the easy handling lets him keep his eyes where they need to be – on the path ahead.

The NDP 30 is the modular driver sight solution for protected vehicles in all operational scenarios.



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Field of view55°  x  40°
Focus range4 m  to   ∞
Display range

Up to 550 m

Uncooled thermal imager640 x 480; long-wave infrared (7 – 14 µm)
Low light level digital camera1280 x 1024; monochrome (5 mlux – daylight)
Display6,5’’ TFT-Monitor
Weightapprox. 8 kg
Power Supply28 V (24 V – 32 V)
Enviromental testMIL-STD-810F

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