In addition to high optical performance, the tactical possibilities for mission forces are decisive.

We addressed this aspect while re-working our 4 – 16 x 56 FF. The rede-signed turrets are self-locking, i.e. un-intentional adjustment of the reticle is not possible.

The elevation turret provides ballis-tic compensation of 14.5 mrad (145 clicks) in one revolution. Due to a total adjustment range of 22 mrad the user has sufficient reserves for zeroing. Us-ers can specify themselves if the turret stops at 0 or at 5, for example.

The short design and optical quality were not compromised.

Main features & benefits

  • Magnification: 4 – 16x
  • Elevation clicks: 145 – single turn
  • Overall length: 334 mm
  • Special features: locking turrets, zero-stop

Product impressions