4 x 30i targeting optics deliver excellent optical performance, particularly in ad-verse visibility conditions. The twilight per-formance is extraordinary for targeting optics: With an exit pupil of 7.5 mm, the 4 x 30i is particularly well-suited for the twilight and practically optimised for the human eye. This benefit now carries over to the use of a night-vision attachment. Combined with our NSV 600, in particu-lar, users can now take advantage of the large field of view of 140 m at 1000 m even at night. Riflemen maintain an over-view despite the 4 x magnification. Opti-mised adjustment of the eye relief, pupil diameter and field of view with maximum edge definition make the 4 x 30i targeting optics a superior targeting instrument for intermediate ranges. Also available as 4 x 30 without reticle illumination.

Main features & benefits

  • Main features & benefits
  • 4x magnification with a very large field of view
  • Eye relief: 6.5 cm
  • Reticle illumination powered by 
  • 1 AA battery (1.2 – 3.5 V)

Product impressions