The ability to remotely target objectives under severe weather conditions, day and night, is an indispensable tactical asset. Airbus DS Optronics is able to deliver this enhanced target acquisition capability. Leveraging all the considerable engineering skills of our sensor specialists, we have developed a line of state-of-the-art targeting units to meet discriminating military demands.

Our sensor boxes are engineered for versatility. They may be adapted and matched to the given vehicle or weapons station, and they provide the full package of sensors needed to rise to the challenges of every tactical situation.

Potent targeting capabilities 

Our targeting sensor units readily integrate into weapon stations and other targeting platforms requiring a compact, lightweight optronics sensor package assembled and fine-tuned to deliver high performance. These units may be retrofitted on platforms that are already deployed and installed in new stations before they roll off the assembly line. 

One size does not fit all

The design of these sensor packages is flexible enough to enable custom configurations – that is, the best fit for the organisation and its application needs.

A-la-carte offering 

Our standard optronic sensor suite consists of the modules described below. All main housings are rugged­ised, approved for and proven in military targeting applications. And they feature a mechanical and electrical interface, uncooled or cooled infrared or CCD cameras, eye-safe laser range­finders, and various options.

The TSU is our state-of-the-art flagship. Its upscale appointments include a cooled, high-performance thermal (IR) camera with a WFOV of 25°. Its solid-state, eye-safe laser rangefinder is an OPO-shifted Nd: YAG with multiple target capability. A colour zoom CCD camera is on board. The TSU-H3 also features a motorised tilt unit to provide superior elevation between the sensor unit and the line of fire, a motorised front protection cover and a window wiper. Extended options include a hot­spot overlay and a tracker.

Main features & benefits

  • Ruggedised optronics sensor package
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flexible, modular and powerful
  • All-weather, day & night
  • Features and options scalable to fit

Product impressions